COVID-19 Requirements (All Sites)

On Monday January 4th, the Medical Officer of Health issued new requirements for all Toronto workplaces. In ensuring compliance, Give & Go would like to provide information to employees and reinforce our existing protocols which are applicable to all Canadian facilities and Uncle Wally’s.

Use of masks

  • Masks should be worn the moment you line up to enter the facility and throughout the screening process
  • The use of face shields are for specific mobile positions in our bakeries and should not replace the use of a mask.  Employees who use a face shield will still be required to wear a mask.
  • Give & Go masks will be provided for any Employee working in our bakeries or distribution centers. Office employees may wear alternate cloth mask that they supply.
  • For more information, please refer to our mask protocol

Company Vehicle

  • Give & Go will limit, where feasible, the operation of any “company vehicle” to one person. Where there needs to be 2 Employees in the company vehicle, then each person must wear a mask.
  • Carpooling to and from work in an Employee Vehicle is not considered a company vehicle, however it is strongly encouraged that employees that travel together in a vehicle wear a mask at all times, wash/sanitize their hands before and after their trip, and limit the number of people in the vehicle where possible.

COVID Testing

  • Employees must disclose if they, or a person in their household, have been tested for COVID-19, as there is a quarantine period associated with the test that requires an employee to be off work, pending the test result.
  • Employees can disclose their test in two ways: 1) Through communicating with their leader/HR directly via email or phone, or 2) Through the Cell Phone app that is completed each day they are at work.
  • A failure to provide information concerning testing could lead to discipline.

Income Replacement Due to COVID

Social Distancing

  • One of the ways to reduce the spread of the COVID virus is through social distancing
  • Many protocols have been established to ensure social distancing within our sites: partitions have been installed in our bakeries, work stations have been separated by the required 2m, and lunchrooms/changerooms/entrances/exits/boardrooms and other meeting rooms have maximum people identified with social distancing,
  • Employees are to follow the rules in effect both inside a site and outside on any company property


  • Employees are encouraged to wash their hands frequently and have been provided with sanitizer in all work areas/boardrooms.
  • If you are sharing a cubicle workspace or IT equipment, you must wipe down the equipment or area both prior to and after its use.

Our best defence against COVID-19 is to follow our protocols, and limit non essential contact with others both at work and during your personal time.  Remember that what you do outside of work also impacts the work environment.

Thanks for your assistance in keeping our workplace and employees safe.